Updated 29.04.2024

Terms and Conditions

For a sportsbook to operate in Pakistan, adherence to specific legal obligations is necessary. Mostbet is not only an officially registered and licensed online bookie but also a company that complies with international and national betting regulations. To ensure user compliance with laws and maintain a safe environment on the site and Mostbet mobile app, the administration has developed comprehensive terms and conditions. This document outlines the rules governing basic procedures, requirements for Pakistani players, and their associated rights and obligations.

Mostbet Pakistan continuously monitors trends in the betting industry and may revise certain articles and documents periodically. Users will receive advance notification via their registered email address regarding any changes. However, the company strongly advises users to regularly review the relevant category on the website to stay informed about updates and prevent misunderstandings in the future.

Basic Definitions

To ensure users understand the rules and comply effectively, it’s essential to grasp the following basic concepts, which are fundamental not only to this document but also to the official web page:

  1. Bet. An agreement between the company and the user dependent on the result of a specific event.
  2. Outcome. The result of a sporting event on which a bettor has placed a bet.
  3. Bettor. A person who has created an account with Mostbet Pakistan and utilizes services on the website or in the application.
  4. Cancel Bet. A function that voids a bet, resulting in non-calculation and payout.
  5. Regular Time. The duration of play in a particular sport, including time added by the referee. Extra time, overtime, penalty series, and shootout series are not considered.

Bets: Acceptance Procedure, Results, and Payments

Mostbet Pakistan primarily focuses on competitive events, although some users may be unfamiliar with the basic rules, leading to potential issues. The betting procedure adheres to specific norms:

  1. Bets are calculated solely based on information received from the processing center.
  2. After accruing winnings, each bettor must verify that calculations are correct. Any discrepancies must be reported to the support service within 10 working days.
  3. A bet is considered won if all specified outcomes were correctly predicted.
  4. If Mostbet suspects a Pakistani player of fraud or determines that they were aware of the match result in advance, winnings will be canceled, and the bettor’s profile may be blocked.
  5. In the event of incorrectly provided odds by the company, all bets will be resettled according to the new coefficients.
  6. Bets are accepted only from registered players who have completed all necessary procedures before placing a bet.
  7. Users can only bet an amount that does not exceed the balance of their account.
  8. All bets are accepted prior to the start of the match, except for live betting.
  9. If the bookmaker publishes an incorrect result, bets will be recalculated based on results provided by television broadcasts.
  10. Users are responsible for verifying the start date and time of the match not only on the platform but also through other independent sources.

Creating a Profile: Requirements

Before engaging in betting and accessing the features of Mostbet Pakistan, each user must complete the registration process. However, prior to this procedure, individuals must ensure they meet specific requirements:

  • The user must be over 18 years of age, as mandated by Pakistani law.
  • Residents of the following countries are prohibited from creating an account: USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, Albania, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Jamaica, North Korea, Malta, and Panama.


If the user meets the aforementioned requirements, they can proceed with the registration process via the official website or mobile application. To ensure a smooth registration process and avoid potential difficulties or issues, players should adhere to the following rules:

  1. Registration Methods. Users can choose to create a profile either with one click or via email.
  2. Email Registration. When opting for email registration, players must complete all empty fields with accurate and truthful information.
  3. Verification Process. To verify the authenticity of the user’s data, employees may conduct checks. Users must provide all necessary documents for this process.
  4. One Profile per Player. Each player is permitted to open only one profile in Mostbet Pakistan. Violation of this rule will result in the blocking of all associated accounts.
  5. Security Measures. Users are responsible for safeguarding their account login information. It should be stored securely and not shared with third parties.

Prohibited Actions

After creating a profile, users can engage in betting activities. However, it’s crucial to refrain from the following prohibited actions on the official page:

  1. Money Laundering, Fraud, or Terrorist Financing: Users must not utilize the site or app for any illicit financial activities.
  2. Conspiracy to Defraud: Users must not collaborate with other participants to defraud the bookmaker and gain unfair advantages.
  3. Insulting Behavior: Users must not insult other players or employees of the company.
  4. Malware Usage: Users must not deploy malware to disrupt the operation of the official website.
  5. Stolen Payment Methods: Users must not use stolen payment methods to complete transactions on the platform.
  6. Intellectual Property Violations: Users must not copy or distribute intellectual property for commercial purposes without authorization.

Violation of any of these rules may result in the temporary blocking of the user’s account. In severe cases, management reserves the right to involve law enforcement agencies.

Disputes and Complaints

Mostbet Pakistan offers a 24/7 customer support service staffed with managers equipped with the necessary skills to address various issues. Players can contact support for assistance with the following matters:

  1. Rights Violation
  2. Claims Regarding Match Results
  3. Problems with Performing Certain Procedures

In these situations, users should reach out to agents via email. Within 14 days, employees will review the complaint and provide a response. In some cases, users may be asked to provide evidence to support their claims. If further investigation is required, it may take up to 30 days to provide a resolution to the bettor’s request.